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Find synonyms to the following words

11. Quick A) Slow b) Fast C) Quiet D) Uneasy
Правильный ответ: B

12. Wicked F) Kind b)  Evil C) Wise D) Clever
Правильный ответ: b)

13. Leave A) Live b)  Depart C) Arrive D) Delay
Правильный ответ: b)

14. Answer A) Ask b)  Reply C) Inform D) Inquire
Правильный ответ: b)

15. Cry A) Yarn b)  Sob C) Say D) Laugh
правильный ответ: b)

16. False A) Fair b)  Funny C) Untrue D) Correct
Правильный ответ: C)

17. Show A) Put b)  Slow C) See D) Display
Правильный ответ: D)

18. Rich A) Poor b)  Needly C) Wealthy D) Penniless
Правильный ответ: C)

19. Centre A) End b) Corner C) Middle D) Distance
Правильный ответ: C)

20. Hide A) Lock b)  Open C) Conceal D) Discover
Правильный ответ: C)

Read the invatation and answer the questions

Alexander is turning nine, so come on over to swim and dive! There will be ice cream, cake and our favourite treats, and pool will help us beat the heat! Then we are going camping for the night to celebrate a birthday by campfire light!

You’re invited, so don’t be late!
Friday, June 14th 4 p.m.
203 Hampshire Road
(Please, bring a sleeping bag and let us know if you need a ride)

21. When will the birthday party begin&

A) At 2 p.m. B) At 4 p.m. C) At 4 a.m. D) At 3 p.m.
Правильный ответ: B)

22. Are there many tasty things to eat&
A) Yes, there are
B0 Yes, thre is
C) No, there aren’t
D) No, I don’t
Правильный ответ: А)

23. What can the children do?
A) Play football
B) Go mushrooming
C) Run fnd climb
D) Swim and dive
Правильный ответ: D)

24. What will the weather be like?
A) Cloudy
B) Cool
C) Windy
D) Hot
Правильный ответ: D)

25. What are the children going to do?
A) Go to the beach
B) Go camping
C) Go climbing
D) Nothing
Правильный ответ: B)

26. Which of these tasty things will they eat for sure&
A) Jelly B) Pizza C) Pie D) Ice creame
Правильный ответ: D)

27. Where will the children sleep?
A) In a hotel B) At home
C) In beds D) In sleeping bags
Правильный ответ: D)

28. What is the number of house where the party starts?
A) 203 B) 4 C) 14 D) 813-585-8989
Правильный ответ: A)

29. When is his birthday? In…
A) spring B) late autumn
C) summer D) early autumn
Правильный ответ: C)

30. What Alexander’s parents do for the guests?
A) Make their beds B) Give them sleeping bags
C) Clean the room D) Give them a lift
Правильный ответ: D)

Guess the animal

31. It is tallest animal
A) Rfngaroo B) Elephant C) Gorilla D) Giraffe
Правильный ответ: D)

32. It has white and black srtipes on its body
A) Giraffe B) zebra C) Leopard D) Deer
Правильный ответ: B)

33. It is the faster animal
A) Tiger B) Cheetah C) Horse D) Jaguar
Правильный ответ: B)

34. This bird can run faster than some horses
A) Ostrich b) Penguin C0 Crow D) Starling
Правильный ответ: A)

35. These animals eat mostly eucalyptus leaves
a) Pandas B) Deer C) Cows D) Koalas
Правильный ответ: D)

36. This animal can’t jump
A) Cat B) Dog C) Wolf D) Elephant
Правильный ответ: D)

37. These mammals can fly
A) Rats B) Bats C) Rabbits D) Hedgehogs
Правильный ответ: B)

38. Complete the proveb: When the cat is away, the … will play
A) Birds B) Mice C) Kittens D) Chidren
Правильный ответ: B)

39. these animals have strong legs and can hop very fast/
A) Bears B) Wolves c) Giraffes D) Kangaroos
Правильный ответ: D)

40. These animals give more milk when they listen to music
A) Foxes b) Pigs c) Cow D) Bears
Правильный ответ: C)

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