Олимпиада Британский бульдог (British Bulldog) 2019 5-6 кл

Задания и ответы

11 декабря состоялась ежегодная школьная олимпиада Британский Бульдог. На выполнение заданий всем участникам было выделено 75 минут. Итоги конкурса будут опубликованы на сайте www.runodog.ru в конце января 2020 года. Решения скачать бесплатно.

Level II
Listen to the text and answer the questions

1.  What is the matter with Julia? She’s … .
a) abroad,
b) at school — правильно
c) in dispair
d) ill
2) What did Julia ask Ralph about?
a) Weather
b) Homework — правильно
c) Friends
d) His life
3)What project do they have to prepare? A … project.
a) Math
b) Geography
c) History — правильно
d) Literature
4) How many pages does the teacher want to see in the project?
a) More than 15
b) Less than 2
c) Less than 5
d) Between 5 and 10 — правильно
5) What is Ralph going to take with him.
a) Sweets
b) Flowers
c) Library books
d) His notes — правильно
6)What does the boy ask Julia to do? To … .
a) stay in bed
b) get library books
c) do nothing
d) look at some websites — правильно
7)Is it necessary to take out any library books?
a) Yes, it is
b) Yes, it’s a must
c) No, it’s not — правильно
d) As they wish
8)When is Sports Day? On … .
a) Monday
b) Tuesday — правильно
c) Wendsday
d) Thursday
9) When is Ralph going to see Julia? At…
a) a quarter to 4
b) a quarter past 4 — правильно
c) half past 5
d) any time
10) When is Ralph supposed to be at home finally?
a) At a quarter to 4
b) At a quarter past 4
c) At half past 5 — правильно
d) At any time
Ответ: C

Read the text and answer the questions
My sports heri is a swimmer called Colin Marr. At five years old he was already good at football and tennis/ He didn’t learn to swim until he was six, but by the age of seven, he was the school champion. a professional coach saw Colin swimming and wanted him to train for the national team. Colin worked hard. He got up at five o’clock in the morning to train in the swimming pool. Colin is now eighteen and he is the best swimmer in the country. He hopes to dtudy SpScence at university. He say he’s lucky because he travels al aver the world, but he finds it hard to swim in international competitions. Colin is a wondeful athlete, but he’s my hero because he talks to children, helping them to see how important sport is. I’m sure, when he stops competing, he’ll be a great coach.

11) What kind of sport does Colin do?
a) Wrestling
b) Skiing
c) Skating
d) Swimming — правильно
12) When did Colin learn to swim? When he was … .
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7 — правильно
d) 18
13) When did he become the champion of his school? At the age of … .
a) 5
b) 21
c) 7 — правильно
d) 18
14. Who invited him to national teams?
a) Mother
b) Father
c) His friend
d) A coach — правильно
15) Why did Colin wake up early? To… .
a) a play tennis
b) train — правильно
c) dream
d) read
16) Where sis he usually exercise? In the… .
a) court
b) swimming pool — правильно
c) skating rink
d) stadium
17) What subject does Colin want to study at university?
a) Physics
b) Chemistry
c) Literature
d) Sport Science — правильно
18) Why does he think he is lucky? He… .
a) Travels a lot — правильно
b) studies at the university 
c) has a family
d) wants to be a coach
19) What does he find difficult to do? To … .
a) study
b) train
c) travel
d) take part in international competitions — правильно
20) The author supposes that Colin will become … .
a) a judge
b) a goalkeeper
c) a teacher
d) a coach — правильно

Find the wrong plural forms
Правильный ответ выделен красным
21. a) calves  b) oxes c) zebras d) mice
22. a) wolves b) tables c) knifs d) puppies
23. a) pens b) goose c) leaves d) places
24. a) cats b) dogs  c) tigers  d) monkeyes
25. a) deer b) feet c) babys  d) books
26. a) boxes  b) pencils c) sheeps d) doctors
27. a) foxs b) toes c) boys d) cars
28. a) toyes  b) trees  c) flowers  d) women
29. a) men b) mouses c) houses  d) chairs
30. a) girls b) bears  c) childrens  d) choldren

Find the words to mach the definitions
She was moved to tears by the beaty of the sculpture
a)  Effictive
b)  Egoistic
c)  Emotional
d) Impassive
32. You never know what he is thinking.
a) Superb
b) Secretive
c) Calm
d) Communicative
33. She has both feet on ground and down-to-earth
a) Real
b) Reliable
c) Practical
d) Punctual
34. He wants to go wild and unexplored places.
a) Avid
b) Fearful
c) Arrogant
d) Adventurous
35. She puts her heart and soul into her profession.
a) healthy
b) truthful
c) apathetic
d) dedicated
36. These friends do not desert you in a crisis.
a) Loyal
b) Friendly
c) Truthful
d) Sociable
37.  He works many hours a day, jogs and plays squash.
a) Lazy
b) Efficient
c) Energetic
d) Apathetic
39. She peeps round her front door like a mouse.
a) Timid
b) Silent
c) Noisy
d) Messy
40. He can turn a pile of rubbish into a work of art.
a) Creative
b) Cautions
c) Critical
d) Customary

Look at the picture and help the children to find the right place

41. You can send parcels there.
a) 1
b) 5
c) 10
d) 6

42. People usually go there to watch sports competitions.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 8
d) 10

43. If you need some medicine you can buy it in this building.
a) 8
b) 6
c) 5
d) 4

44. To stop a criminal you’d better call or go there at once.
a) 4
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9

45. You can have a snack there.
a) 4
b) 6
c) 7
d) 9

46. All children go there in mornings and have lessons.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 5
d) 6

47. People like to listen to operas or watch ballets there.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

48. If somebody is seriously ill they are taken to this building.
a) 3
b) 10
c) 8
d) 7

49. They can help people in case of fire.
a) 1
b) 3
c) 4
d) 6

50. People go there to buy dairy products, bred and sugar.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 7
d) 8

Choose the correct answers
51. It is the symbol of England.

a) Rose
b) Tulip
c) Shamrock
d) Daffodil

52. Robin Hood hunted these animals in Sherwood Forests.
a) Deer
b) Bears
c) Lions
d) Squirrels

53. This plant saves the Scots from invasion.
a) Fir tree
b) thistle
c) Shamrock
d) Daffodil

54. People can’t imagine the Tower of London whith-out these birds.
a) Eagles
b) Ravens
c) Sparrows
d) Swants

55. This is the traditional food at Christmas in Great Britain.
a) Duck
b) Goose
c) Chicken
d) Turkey

56. This vegetable is used to make a jack-j’-lantern.
a)  Melon
b)  Pumpkin
c)  Cucumber
d) Eggplant

57. This bird is one of symbols ot St Valentine’s Day.
a)  Dove
b)  Raven
c)  Sparrow
d) Eagle

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